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Isabel Vanegas-Arroyave

Graduate Student in Biomedical Engineering
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Academic Background
M.Sc. - The City College of New York, Biomedical Engineering (2011-2013)
B.Sc. - University of Antioquia, Colombia, Bioengineering (2002-2007)

Research Interests
Interested in the understanding and measuring of perceptual brain signals from EEG, and bridging basic neuroscience research with applied engineering toward potential solutions to neurological disorders.

Vanegas MI, Blangero A, Kelly SP. Exploiting individual primary visual cortex geometry to boost steady state visual evoked potentials, J Neural Eng, 10 036003. PDF
Vanegas MI, Blangero A, Kelly SP Boosting Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials (SSVEP) Using Phase Shifted Stimulus Segments. 2012 Atlanta: Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting. PDF