The Neural Systems Lab

Natalie Steinemann

PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering
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Academic Background
M.Sc. Trinity College Dublin, Irelend Biomedical Engineering 2011-2012
M.Sc. Ghent University, Belgium Biomedical Engineering 2010-2012
B.Sc. FernUniversity Hagen, Germany Business Administration & Economics 2007-2011
B.Eng. Jade University & Airbus Operations GmbH, Germany Mechanical Engineering 2006-2010

Research Interests
Memory & sleep. When we sleep, we don't hear the noises around us and we don't move, when we dream of yesterdays tennis match. What mechanisms does the brain employ to get the body into a state during which internal and external represenations differ this strongly from one another? And what is the reason we sleep at all? What I find especially intriguing, is the connection between sleep and memory, because it hints at the regenerative function sleep may have on a neural basis.

Decision making & the representation of value. We know that the value we assign to an option changes after chosing or rejection this option. But by what means is this change in representation established?

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Steinemann, N. A., Tsanov, M., Reilly, R. B. & O’Mara, S. M.: Assessing Attractor Models as a means to Explain Sense of Head-Direction during Theta Sleep in Rodents. 2012 Barcelona: 8th FENS Forum of Neuroscience.