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Nicolas Langer

Postdoctoral Fellow / CMI Endeavor scientist
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Academic Background
Ph.D. University of Zurich Neuropsychology and Neuroscience Feb 2012
M.Sc. University of Zurich Science 2006-2008
B.Sc. University of Zurich Science 2002-2006

Nicolas received his PhD in neuopsychology from the University of Zurich (Switzerland). During his PhD he was involved in several research projects in which he studied neural plasticity on the systems level using EEG, fMRI, structural MRI and DTI. His PhD thesis focused on functional brain connectivity in the context of graph-theoretical network analysis to investigate so-called small-world networks. As part of this thesis he implemented new methods on network analyses, which were applied to EEG, fMRI and structural MRI data. Nicolas has conducted several other studies in the context of working memory training, sensorimotor plasticity, music perception, anxiety and crossmodal perception. Beside his scientific work he headed several seminars and workshops and supervised several master students in cognitive neuroscience. In 2012 Nicolas joined as a postdoctoral research fellow in the lab of Nadine Gaab at Childrens Hospital Boston (Harvard Medical School). He studied the characteristics of functional and structural brain measures, which differ between children with only ADHD, those with only DD, and those with comorbid DD-ADHD and implented methods to define measurements that can diagnose or characterize clinical conditions and predict clinical outcomes. Furthermore he investigated the developmental trajectories of structural connectivity related to reading and language.

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