Industry Collaborations

The City College Department of Biomedical Engineering continues to pursue translational research and technology transfer through expansion of our industrial partnerships including through technology transfer contracts, the CCNY BME industrial liaison office, and the CCNY BME industry advisory board.

Industrial collaborations also play an integral role in the training and placement of BME students. Student senior design projects are supplied by our industrial partners. CCNY students pursue summer internships at selected industrial partners. Finally, the CCNY BME industrial advisory board plays an active role in designing the educational curriculum to prepare interested students for leadership roles in biomedical companies. The highly diverse and talented CCNY BME student body is a significant attraction for our industrial partners.

Industry representatives interested in furthering contact with the BME department should contact the CCNY BME Industrial Liaison Office.

Current CCNY BME students interested in industry internships should contact Phillip Payton. Internships are available only to full time CCNY BME majors.